Advanced Services

A bridge to advance your business, not a solution pulled from a box. At Trust Sourcing Solutions, we are your gateway, a single point of entry that connects you to the services, vendors, and tools you need to enhance and advance your business.

Our services are developed and designed to help our clients overcome their unique challenges and achieve their goals. You define your needs, we create your solution.

For us, it’s not about making our lives easier. It’s about making your business better.

Asset Services
  • Asset Setup and Maintenance
  • Asset Pricing

Securities Processing
  • Custody and safekeeping
  • Securities settlement
  • Trade settlement – Straight-through, end-to-end processing of trades
  • Modeling, asset allocation
  • ACAT transfers
  • Corporate action/dividends, interest and maturities processing
  • Daily position reconciliations
  • Class Action notifications
  • CCC interface

Mutual Fund Processing
  • Trade execution settlement and transfers
  • Income processing
  • Modeling, asset allocation

Cash Processing
  • Execution of all ACH and Wires
  • Printing and distribution of Checks
  • Recurring payments
  • DDA/cash reconciliation
  • Daily net settlement
  • Intra day and overnight sweep

Pension Payment
  • Lump sum pension payments
  • Recurring pension payments
Administrative and Account Services
  • Online real-time processing
  • Online history
  • Data retrieval either in a dashboard or specific report
  • Client account access via the Internet
  • Multiple statement designs
  • Statement access via the Internet
  • Statement printing and fulfillment
  • Audit package

Tax Reporting
  • 1099 and 5498 provided through WSC with electronic filing (optional)
  • Monthly tax review
  • Tax interfaces available

Audit, Compliance and Regulatory
  • OFAC
  • Annual SSAE18
  • Investment compliance – Reg 9 Reviews
  • Audit assistance
  • 13F
  • Published service standards

  • Sophisticated workflow process – customized Input forms
  • Defined service standards and roles
  • Data upload/extract capabilities
  • Merger/acquisition services
  • Shadow accounting through SDA Interface